tableau 2023.11

Tableau 2023.1 is Released With New Capabilities

tableau 2023.11

Tableau has completed a decade as a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. [Source]

A large number of renowned organizations including Fortune 500 enterprises have chosen Tableau to create their data stories. Tableau empowers businesses with a wide range of services and solutions that are easy to deploy, manage, and scale regardless of business type and size.

The newest version of Tableau – Tableau Desktop 2023.1 has been released.

This blog post talks about the latest version of Tableau with feature highlights in detail. Tableau 2023.1 comes with new features such as:

  • Accelerator Data Mapping: With Tableau Desktop’s new data mapping utility, you can set up an accelerator with your own data even more quickly.
  • Slack EnhancementLink samples, search in DMs and Channels, and easy access to recent and favorite content let you find and work together on Tableau content in Slack.
  • User Attribute Function To Personalize Data Access: Utilize User Attribute Functions in row-level security computations to customize data access for embedded visualizations.
  • Identity Pools For Tableau Server To Gain More Flexibility: Now add additional local identity stores and authenticate with OpenID Connect for modern authentication with Identity Pools.
  • Dynamic Axis Titles For Vizzes: Improve interactive visualizations by setting axis titles to change depending on the value of a parameter or a single-value field.

Let’s start discussing each key feature in detail.

Tableau 2023.1: What’s Accelerator Data Mapping?

Data mapping is an important feature of any BI tool that connects data sources and standardizes data to make it easier to understand.

Now, with Accelerator Data Mapping, it becomes faster to map data with less time and effort. By using Accelerator’s ready-to-use dashboard, users can map fields from data sources to the Accelerator’s fields. It enables users to pull data into Accelerator using data mapping UI.

It eliminates the need for manual configuration and provides users with a more seamless mapping experience. Open Accelerator-enabled data mapper, match your outside data source to the required fields for a dashboard, and you are done.

Slack Enhancement In Tableau Desktop 2023.1

Tableau makes it easier to simplify data. But, with this update, Tableau simplifies the conversations related to data in Slack.

What will you get?

  • You will have previews of Tableau content so you can quickly identify and act on information
  • Search Tableau content easily and share Tableau content in channels and direct messages
  • Easily access your recent and favorite items from the App homepage

New User Attribute Function To Personalize Data Access

With the new user attribute functions in Tableau desktop 2023.1, users can include additional information about users for ensuring raw-level security when users sign in. USERATTRIBUTES(string) is a new user function that passes login attributes in the login flow in the calculation. Tableau will pass the information as a filter and look for the attribute’s value for authentication.

This will help Tableau users modify any user’s data access in embedded scenarios.

Identity Pools For Tableau Server To Gain More Flexibility

Traditionally, in the previous version of Tableau Desktop, there were two kinds of identity stores – local and external. There was a limitation of single identity store selection.

Overcoming this limitation, Tableau 2023.1 brings Identity Pools – an identity management tool that enables users access to the Tableau server. It supports additional user provisioning and authentication.

With this feature, Tableau administrators can add external users belonging to a local identity store authenticated with OpenID Connect. Now, it becomes easy to segment users into identity groups based on provision and authentication.

Dynamic Axis Titles For Vizzes

Now users can dynamically update axis titles based on the value of a parameter. To make Tableau viz interactive, users can add parameters that let viewers choose what they want to see.

The title of the axis will automatically update, providing users with clear, contextualize data for their users.

Some Highlights of Tableau 2023.1

  • Additional security policies to make Tableau Mobile more secure
  • Find relevant data faster with Connect-to dialog having mixed content types
  • Data quality warnings to ensure users are using the right data sources
  • External data Connector to clean, aggregate, and form data
  • Embedded credential for data sources in Content Migration Tool
  • Launch of new Google BigQuery connector
  • Snowflake connector for cross-database joins across different Snowflake databases
  • Get a complete picture of accessibility for a specific user with Permission Admin Insights
  • Data stories are now available to access, understand, and connect with data
  • Improved iconography in Data blending UI to match patterns and improve the experience
  • New PROPER() function to convert strings to proper case
  • Language options are expanded to Thai and Swedish languages
Tableau: Trusted Leader In Data Analytics

With support from the worldwide community of users, partners, and developers, Tableau is continuously enhancing experiences across its products and services. It helps organizations tell a data story through decisions, strategies, and forecasts. Many popular brands are using Tableau to leverage the power of data they have. It has established benchmarks with its easy-to-use analytics platform.

Are you using Tableau to become data-driven? Let us know!


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