Data engineering

Data Engineering Services

We design and build robust data infrastructures capable of efficiently collecting and unifying data from various sources. We empower organizations with the data engineering competence needed for insightful decision-making.
Data engineering
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Ridgeant’s Data Engineering Services

We excel in constructing data pipelines, streamlining data processing, and optimizing data storage, ensuring your organization can harness the full potential of its data assets.


Ridgeant’s DataOps services enable enterprises to achieve effective data lifecycle management to establish a data-driven culture at every level with robust data governance practices.

Data Integration

We help clients collect, clean, and consolidate all kinds of data into a single repository. Our data architects build and manage ETL data pipelines using different data integration tools.
data integration

Data Strategy

We identify key performance indicators, metrics, and users to create a strategy that fits your purpose. Start utilizing your data as an important asset with an effective data strategy.

Data Pipeline

Ridgeant’s data engineering team is well-versed in modern technologies and platforms that enable a holistic view of data with faster and more reliable data pipelines.

Cloud Transformation

Our array of cloud transformation services includes cloud infrastructure, migration, support, deployment, and management to deliver a seamless experience.

Lean Data Governance

Ridgeant, being a data-first company assist organization in establishing a lean data governance framework that enables teams to maintain data assets within your organization.
Modern BI

Modern BI & Analytics

We analyze the gap between traditional BI models and modern BI platforms and empower businesses to embrace a modern approach to business intelligence.
Industry Pioneers

Empowering Data-Driven Change Across Industries

Data engineering is the foundation of data-driven organizations, and our services strengthen that foundation across industries.


Manage data, extract insights, and make data-baked decisions to enhance the overall experience.


Effectively manage the velocity and volume of data and utilize it to find trends, and identify opportunities.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Manage large quantities of data across the supply chain and infuse analytics to gain real-time insights.


Manage diverse data for informed financial analytics to address the growing data needs of the Fintech industry.


Optimize data infrastructure to enhance network performance, customer experiences, and decision-making.

Energy & Utilities

Drive efficiency, sustainability, and improved customer service through data-driven decision-making.

Our Data Engineering Tech Stack

We use various tools and technologies for data engineering processes to deliver solutions that streamline data across your organization.

Why Choose Ridgeant?


Skilled Workforce

Our team of experienced professionals is keen on delivering an exceptional user experience with the use of next-gen technology and a touch of data.


Quality-First Approach

Quality drives our vision. With best-in-class technologies and core expertise in data-centric solutions, we are focused on solving real-world data challenges.


Domain Expertise

We have experience working with global clients across various domains to overcome challenges with the help of data.
Case Studies

Crafting Data Success Stories

As your reliable data partner, we empower global businesses to seize opportunities and drive impactful change

QlikView To Microsoft Power BI Migration


Comprehensive Healthcare Survey Application with Omni-Channel Capabilities

Healthcare Survey

Reshaping Yard Management Systems with Efficient Container Placement

Yard Management

Leverage Data to Drive Enterprise-wide Decisions


Our Data Engineering Workflow

Our end-to-end data engineering processes ensure a seamless experience across data infrastructure from acquisition to analysis and reporting.
Data Engineering Process

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