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In conversation with Harsh Parikh

harsh parikh

Harsh is a cricket enthusiast, avid traveler, and voracious reader. After graduation, he spent the better part of his life in Ahmedabad. He completed his graduation in Gandhinagar. Enjoying a relaxed childhood in Devgadh Baria and Godhra. Harsh loved math and statistics; he is inclined toward data, statistics, and data engineering. Read about our teammate’s inspiring journey.

Basically, from a non-IT background and have a lot of love and inclination toward Coding, Maths, and Statistics. 

“I love how Math works; all answers are right in the numbers; the stats make me feel like life’s biggest answers can be found here.”

Harsh speaks with such passion about Maths and Statistics and Logical Reasoning.

An Electrical Engineering graduate, he grew up with a bug in coding and trained hard in Data Engineering. He pursues Data Analysis and Data Imaging thoroughly. 

When asked what was the inspiration behind the inclination toward Data Engineering. He says, “The field of data science is rapidly developing and evolving. Data Scientists used to be able to get their hands on all of their data in a single database and write easy scripts using R or Python. When I started using R, I remember setting up a CRON job to run an R script that churned out some markdown reports using data from a single table. However, we must all learn the most important lesson of all: data always expands

Post his bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, Harsh moved to Data Science and Python and then to Data Engineering. 

Harsh, a Data engineer by trade, began his career as a Data Trainee. In less than two years, he has taken up various obligations on his plate and even interviewed prospects for his team.

In addition, he believes he has matured a great deal. He’s thankful for the tasks he’s been given. It has taught him to prioritize, deal with difficult situations, and appreciate more than just money.

In particular, he takes great pride in the idea that whatever he accomplishes from this point forward has significance. Since the beginning, he has worked tirelessly to make an impression with his work.

“I’m in love with my current undertaking. I’ve been dedicating my time and energy to it for the past many years. My coworkers are wonderful. I’ve also made them a part of my daily routine by spending 8 hours a day here. While working together, “we have a good time.”

How’s life at Ridgeant?

Harsh began his career as a Data engineer by learning Data Science. In less than a year, he’s taken on a slew of new duties and even started conducting interviews with potential teammates, being a single point of contact with clients and other responsibilities.

If you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to work in a startup. Ridgeant has provided him with a wealth of opportunities to develop, and he understood this when he accepted a position with the company.

He likes the fact that everything he does today has some significance. Since the beginning, he has worked tirelessly to make an impression with his work. “All the projects I get to work on are among the tasks I spend most of my time. One of the most memorable incidents here at Ridgeant was when I was the single point of contact for one of the biggest projects.  I’ve been dedicating my time and energy getting here. My coworkers are fantastic, and now, since I’m here 8 hours a day, they’ve become a part of my life. During our time here at Ridgeant, we get to have a lot of fun with our colleagues in creating and all the other processes.”, Says Harsh.

Harsh has a final message for all of us at the end of our exclusive interview:

“When talent meets hard work, no one can stop you from being a great Data Scientist.”

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